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New Video of Lena Katina/Новое видео Лены Катиной [20 Apr 2010|11:59am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hi everyone, =)
Kroogi finally posted the video where Lena Katina answers her fan's questions. It's now available at http://tatu.kroogi.com/content/show/724055.
There's also a t.A.T.u. remix contest going on, and fans can all vote on the remixes to influence which ones get selected for t.A.T.u.'s digital release: http://tatu.kroogi.com/content/show/653951. Some of them are pretty cool.

Привет  =)
Kroogi наконец-то выложили ответы Лены Катиной на вопросы поклонников. Видео можно посмотреть вот тут http://tatu.kroogi.com/content/show/724055  

А также, вот здесь: http://tatu.kroogi.com/content/show/653951 можно проголосовать за ремиксы к альбому “Waste Management.” Некоторые очень даже не плохие. ;)


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Lena Katina will answer your questions!/Лена Катина ответит на ваши вопросы! [30 Mar 2010|10:28pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Greetings, everyone!


If you want to ask Lena Katina a question within a next few days, you can do so here: http://tatu.kroogi.com/content/show/676763


Lena and her band members will choose from the most interesting and popular questions and will address the authors of those questions on video. The video will be posted on kroogi.com this up coming Friday. Questions must be submitted by 11:00 am PST, Wednesday, March 31, so hurry!


If you have any doubts about validity of this information, please refer to the t.A.T.u. official website: http://www.tatu.ru/en/news.html?id=749.  Questions will be asked on the mentioned party in Los Angeles.

Всем привет!


Осталось всего несколько часов до того как закроется принятие вопросов к Лене Катиной! Тыкайте вот сюда: http://tatu.kroogi.ru/content/show/676779 и спрашивайте!! На самые интересные из вопросов, Лена ответит на видео, которое будет опубликовано на kroogi.com в эту пятницу. Так что не откладывайте.. ;)


Если возникают вопросы в достоверности информации, можно удостовериться на официальном сайте t.A.T.u., вот здесь: http://www.tatu.ru/news.html?id=749 Вопросы будут задаваться на упомянутой вечеринке в Лос-Анджелесе.

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tatu icons [21 Dec 2009|05:47pm]

actors | | johnny depp. movies | | sweeney todd & the nightmare before christmas. music | | lady gaga + animated & t.A.T.u. + animated. wallpapers | | t.A.T.u. + fervid


@ phsych0tic_x
*please do not hotlink.
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waste management; [15 Dec 2009|12:00am]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

I just wanted to let everyone know that WASTE MANAGEMENT, t.A.T.u.'s 3rd English album, has now officially been released in the States. It can currently be downloaded from iTunes and Amazon.com. There are also two additions: The standard edition and the transcendent version. The transcendent version is a non-stop CD with interludes connecting each song. Along with the new release, t.A.T.u.'s management are hosting several campaigns to promote the CD.

As stated on the official website:
A few more things that accompany Waste Management release:

1) We’re running MySpace Avatar Competition. Feel free to join if you have a MySpace account.
2) We’ve prepared some banners and a twitter skin (743 Kb) and are asking you to help us tell this world sinking in waste that Waste Management is out! Signatures, avatars, blogging, messages on forums and social networks, aerography on your car (well, the latter is probably too much :-)) Thank you in advance for your support!

Be sure support the band! ♥♥♥♥

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icons! [10 Aug 2009|05:46pm]

[01-24] Lady GaGa.
[25-60] Panic At The Disco.
[61-76] Britney Spears.

[77-108] t.A.T.u.
[109-144] Mental (S01E06-07).
[145-152] The Listener.


MORE? HERE AT MY JOURNAL @ x_insurrextion
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Making Snegopady [Icons] [26 Jul 2009|07:17pm]

[32] Icons.


MORE HERE @ x_insurrextion
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t.A.T.u. Icons. [14 Jul 2009|04:52pm]

[23] Icons.
[13] Animated icons.


MORE HERE @ x_insurrextion
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[05 Jul 2009|03:03pm]

 Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
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[24 Jun 2009|03:22pm]

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
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New photos [24 Mar 2009|06:48am]

Source: allmylove.org

Serge Golovach (03.20.09)
Yulia's meeting with fans (3.21.09) [HQ]
"Australia" Movie Premiere (2.10.09) [HQ]
The Invasion: Evasion Exhibit (12.14.08) [HQ]
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